Pest Inspections

Pest InspectionWe offer inspections for homes in 4 categories:

  1. Wood Destroying Organism Report for Conventional or VA Loans *
  2. Termite, Wood Boring Beetles, Carpenter Ants *
  3. Rodent Attic , Crawl, Exterior and Interior Inspection
  4. Free Visual inspection ( no written report )

Wood Destroying Organism Reports includes a 3 page Report for conventional and a 2 page report for VA Loans (NPMA-33 Forms)
$275 All Wood Destroying Organism reports are 3 pages with pictures **
$250 Rodent reports are a 2 page form with pictures

We recommend a FREE pre-inspection

A free home inspection includes and interior, exterior, attic and crawl visual inspection without a written report and while on site free consultation to help resolve any issues. We will propose anything we can do to help resolve issues or recommend the appropriate action to further the homes protection.

We are not home inspectors but pest inspections can include conducive conditions such as moisture, rot, landscape, moss, construction and other things you might not know that helps to introduce insects and varmints to the home.

Crawl space and Attic remediation

While insects, can cause structural issues Rodents burrow, chew and defecate and urinate causing damage to insulation of the home and can spread diseases and bacteria. They can chew on the plumbing and electrical lines, their unique bone structure allows them fit through narrow areas as small as ¼ inch and living in areas humans and predators cannot access.

We offer free inspection and evaluation to clean, remove and replace rodent damage to the insulation and vapor barriers, exclusion of screens, plumbing penetrations and crawl doors.