Green Pest Control

Pest Inspector SprayingOrganic pest control products are more readily available to the pest control professional today than ever before and the real motivation is a safer products made from natural sources with minimal toxicity to humans and other none targeted species. Some product are made from plant oils and combined with other plant oils, mixed with water can either repel or eliminate and organic materials have a more fragrant odor when applied.

First Green Means Clean

Bio degradable products last only as long as it is needed to eliminate or control a specific unwanted pest. Integrated with other controls, the result are longer lasting changes that benefit us and nature. It is said that nature does what nature does, so how do we live in harmony to our natural surroundings.

Eco Friendly Pest Control

Education of the particular pest is key to control, what is the pest feeding on, how much food source is available and what measure need to be implemented to reduce pest growth. Second a customized program for each individual home suited for that location and environment. Third introduction of a Green Plan that is safe for everyone including nature.

Other creatures use our yards and fields as home and providing a service that is none intrusive to their needs is paramount to harmony. Some animals, birds, bats are beneficial to the reduction of the same unwanted pest to our homes.

A pest control plan that has a more Green approach for the modern world. As we continue to encroach upon nature. We as pest control professionals should not forget we are working closely to nature and nature give us beauty we all want to enjoy at our homes.