Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of excellence in Pest Control.

Life - This is how we make our living.
Liberty - Liberating people from unwanted pest.
Pursuit - Excelling in customer care through pest control

An Eco Friendly Service Company

We carry a host of Green Pest Control Methods that has a low impact on our environment indoors and outdoors, Including Organic Pesticides. This offers a pest solution with being conscience of People and pets.  Outdoors we have a sense of responsibility to nature and all the little creatures that use our yards as home, while keeping the unwanted pest from intruding our homes.

We have truly Integrated Pest Management for the modern world. IPM is an ecosystem based stagey that involves some simple key steps to control and eliminate specific unwanted pest while minimizing risk to other environments.

  1. First we Identify the pest and this will give us specific controls that may not require any chemical control.
  2. Second by monitoring and assessing the pest numbers we can determine some of the root cause.
  3. Third we can set guidelines for management actions
  4. Fourth prevention can be key to controlling future pest issues
  5. Fifth a combination biological, cultural, physical and mechanical controls can be employed as management tools
  6. Sixth after actions have been made we can clearly assess the effect of pest management

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